Investor Relations


中央1号有大小和力量. 作为金融、数字银行和支付的首选 products and services across Canada, we’ve earned the trust of more than 300 financial institutions. 每天3个以上.4 million Canadians use our services without having to stop and think how it all works—because it works so well.  

银河076注册管理B的流动性.C. 安大略信用合作社系统, 为他们提供各种资助计划和投资产品. This combined with our 负责任投资承诺 实践确保中央1号燃料强大, 长期稳定可持续的信用联营体系.

We are a financially strong organization with industry leading capital ratios, with assets of $13.截至2021年9月30日,共20亿美元. 除了银河076注册信用社存款固有的流动性, 银河076注册保持通过资本市场获得外部资金和资本. Central 1 has accessed fixed income markets for over a decade issuing Medium Term Notes (MTN) and Subordinated Debt and maintaining an active Commercial Paper (CP) program.

2018年7月,是中一信成立十周年. 在过去的十年中,B.C. and Credit Union Central of Ontario in 2008, Central 1 has made some significant achievements:

  • 自2008年创建Central 1以来, 安大略信用合作社的资产增加了350亿美元, while B.C. 信用社的资产增加了340亿美元
  • 安大略和B省的信用社会员增加了19%.C. by 31.在过去10年里增长了33%
  • Our involvement in the Canadian financial industry began in the early 1940s – 1941 saw the formation of the Ontario Credit Union league & in 1944 B.C. 中央信用社成立.

We look forward to many more anniversaries and milestones as we continue to serve the Canadian credit union system.