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温哥华,B.C.2021年2月26日 – 中央1 Credit Union (‘中央1’ or ‘the organization’) reported a profit after tax of $36.截至2020年12月31日的年度为100万美元,1美元.税后利润增加900万美元34美元.2019年200万.

中央1 has consistently maintained strong operational resilience to support credit unions in B.C. 和安大略. In 2020, 为了支持银河076注册的员工,公司立即做出了重大改变, 大流行期间的成员和客户. 中央1侧重维护基本产品和服务, 同时为信用社系统和客户提供核心业务功能.

“中央1 delivered solid earnings during an uncertain macroenvironment driven by the global p和emic. Our strong balance sheet 和 diverse business lines are a testament to the strength 和 resilience of our business 和 our ability to effectively operate 和 progress our strategic initiatives in a challenging environment,希拉·沃基说, 临时总裁兼首席执行官. “Our success is underpinned by our people who have been unwavering in their commitment to support our members 和 clients.”

财政部 continues to deliver strong 和 consistent contributions to 中央1 earnings. 财政部报告上涨了27美元.税后利润为300万美元,主要由19美元驱动.财政净收入增加3亿. 除了2020年的强劲财务表现, liquidity at 中央1 continues to be robust as deposits remain at an all-time high, 增长超过5美元.2020年20亿.

1月1日, 2021, 中央1 successfully transitioned the M和atory 流动性 Pool (MLP) from a deposit structure to an investment structure, representing a significant change in liquidity management for the credit union system in B.C. 和安大略. The initiative ensured the MLP is bankruptcy remote 和 creditor-proof while maintaining a cost-effective 和 capital efficient structure for the credit union system to manage its liquidity, 推动市场信心和可比性, 并确保该体系和个人信用合作社继续蓬勃发展.

数字 & 支付服务
As the reliance on digital banking solutions increased this year due to the impact of COVID-19, 中央1 focused on streamlining 和 accelerating its 电子银行 平台 launches 和 product enhancements. The organization empowers clients to confidently meet the changing dem和s facing their organizations.

中央1 received strong support from its members on its payments strategy which is designed to position the credit union system 和 financial services industry for growth 和 innovation. 除了, 中央1 launched its Payments Customer Advisory Council (Payments Council) to maintain strong collaboration between 中央1 和 its payments clients.

Our Payments processing continues to grow – particularly electronic payments during COVID. 例如,中央1处理1.8 million Interac e-Transfer® transactions over a 5-day period (November 27 – Dec 1) on behalf of Canadian credit unions 和 other financial institutions, 总计近7.6亿美元.


  • 税后利润36美元.100万美元,而税后利润为34美元.200万年.
  • 排除MLP业绩,中环1号的税后利润为33元.800万美元,上涨27美元.从6美元到100万美元.700万年.
  • 资产$ 23.10亿,增长29亿.从17美元降至1%.90亿年.

Despite the impact from the p和emic, 中央1’s consolidated results in 2020 reflected a $1.2019年税后利润增加900万美元. 排除MLP业绩,中央1 2020年的业绩税后利润为33美元.800万美元,上涨27美元.比去年多了100万. Strong growth in 中央1’s investment portfolios combined with the reduction in external debt, 因为来自信用合作社的存款资金显著增加, 捐了15美元.比2019年增加100万. 自2020年第一季度以来, credit spreads continued to narrow to levels experienced prior to the COVID-19 p和emic, 结果增加了7美元.2019年实现和未实现净收益500万美元. 2020 results also reflected higher Interac e-Transfer® volumes due to increased usage of online payments during the p和emic 和 a lower spend on corporate expenditures 和 strategic initiatives. 这些变动的综合影响带来了强劲的财务业绩.

MLP报告税后利润为2美元.2020年300万,下降25美元.200万年同比. The lower yield curve 和 higher dem和 for short-term investments in anticipation of MLP segregation led to the $18.投资组合内息差减少1亿元.


  • 税后合并利润为5美元.500万,增加了14美元.比2019年同期减少了800万.
  • 排除MLP的业绩,中环1号的税后利润为11美元.100万美元,相比之下损失了17美元.2019年同期将达到500万.
  • MLP报税后亏损5美元.600万美元,而只有8美元.去年同期的税后利润为200万. The flatter yield curve 和 shorter durations for the investments in anticipation of the segregation led a decreased interest margin from 2019.

截至2020年12月31日,总资产为23美元.10亿,增加了5美元.2019年12月31日起支付20亿美元,其中4美元.1 billion was in the securities portfolios due to strong growth from member credit union deposits. 中环1号的储量仍处于历史最高水平, 反映了信用联盟系统内流动性的提高.

中央1’s 2020 Management’s Discussion 和 Analysis 和 Financial Statements have been filed with SEDAR 和 posted at www.sedar.comwww.ynsgb10.com/investor-relations.

中央1号是金融的首选合作伙伴, digital banking 和 payment products 和 services – fuelling the success of businesses across Canada. 资产是23美元.截至12月31日为10亿, 2020, (继1月1日MLP分离后, 2021, 总资产是14美元.00亿), 银河076注册利用银河076注册的规模, strength 和 expertise to power progress for more than 250 credit unions 和 other financial institutions, enhancing the financial well-being of more than 5 million customers from coast to coast. 欲银河yh0076信息,请访问 www.ynsgb10.com.

本新闻稿包含基于假设的前瞻性陈述, 不确定性和管理层对未来事件的最佳估计. 这些包括, 但不限于, 与银河076注册的财务业绩目标有关的报表, 愿景与战略目标, 经济, market 和 regulatory review 和 outlook for the Canadian economy 和 the provincial economies in which our member credit unions operate 以及COVID-19大流行的影响, 以及包含“可能”字样的陈述,”“会,“意图”和“期望”以及其他类似的词语和表达. Forward-looking statements are based on the opinions 和 estimates of management at the date the statements are made. 实际结果可能与目前预期的有很大不同. 安全holders are cautioned that such forward-looking statements involve risks 和 uncertainties. Certain important assumptions by 中央1 in making forward-looking statements include, 但并不局限于, 竞争条件, 经济条件, 监管方面的考虑, 以及COVID-19大流行的影响. Important risk factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from those expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements include economic risks, 监管风险, risks 和 uncertainty from the impact of the COVID-19 p和emic 和 other risks detailed from time to time in 中央1’s periodic reports filed with securities regulators. Given these risks, the reader is cautioned not to place undue reliance on forward-looking statements. 中央1 undertakes no obligation to update or revise any forward-looking statements, 是否是新信息的结果, 未来事件或其他, 除非适用法律要求.




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