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中央1号是唯一的一站式支付服务,涵盖交易所、清算、 & settlement.

Central 1 is an integral part of Canada’s banking system, 每年代表295家金融机构为超过500万加拿大个人和企业处理超过6.45亿笔付款. We’re the largest payments processor for Canadian credit unions, processing the majority of credit union payment items. With Central 1, 您将连接到加拿大最好的支付系统之一,与任何核心银行系统和现代数字平台兼容的解决方案.

Our Payments Service areas

Exchange, Clearing & Settlement

Conveniently connect to SWIFT, Payments Canada, and Interac®

Every year, 银河076注册处理的纸质结算项目超过7000万件,电子结算项目超过5.75亿件, from transactions at ATMs, Point-Of-Sale (POS) devices, and Interac e-Transfer®, for 295 financial institutions across Canada.

Fraud & Risk Management

Steer clear of financial and reputational damage.

银河076注册是欺诈检测和预防的专家,拥有一个专门的欺诈解决方案团队. 银河076注册创新的欺诈和风险框架旨在确保您的安全和健康,同时确保合规和支持开放获取.

Data Services

Leverage mountains of payments data.

Our modern solutions are ISO20022 enabled and compliant, 在丰富的汇款数据驱动下提供分析性的见解,使您能够为您独特的客户提供更好的产品和服务.

Payments Client Centre


Why Central 1 for Payments?

Global Best-In-Class Partnerships

Gain access to our trusted partners with Canadian and global experience
in modernizing & managing payments utilities.

Operational Excellence


Universal Connectivity

受益于具有灵活集成选项的全服务交钥匙解决方案. 银河076注册将帮助您减轻变化,并确保您的FI无摩擦的前线体验.

Collaborative Working Model

银河076注册的优先事项是根据客户的意见制定的,银河076注册会代表所有的客户进行宣传, no matter how big or small, with organizations like Interac and Payments Canada.

24/7/365 Support

Get help whenever you need it with 24-hour, 为所有支付服务提供全年的支持,包括事件响应和欺诈监测.

Value-added Services

向Central 1的内部专家学习,他们在客户体验等主题上分享行业最佳实践, operations, risk management, and cyber security.

Safety & Soundness

Get peace of mind with our proven track record of safe & reliable payments services supported by a continuously evolving risk approach & framework that includes our world class ISO/IEC 27001 certification.

Industry Approved


What our clients are saying

Products & Services

Good technology just works. 这就是为什么银河076注册的支付解决方案使您的客户能够以多种方式支付. You get operational efficiency that helps build your bottom line.

预先授权的借记和直接存款交易速度很快,准确度提高,拖欠现象减少. Ideal for all kinds of reoccurring payments like payroll, strata fees, 按揭付款可以由你或你的商业客户发起.

银河076注册的电子账单支付系统可以帮助您的客户以任何他们喜欢的方式支付所有的账单,无论是在分支机构内还是在网上. 银河076注册支持超过9000个个人收费人,并且一直在增加新的收费人. 银河076注册的帐单付款及汇款综合服务可帮助您的重要业务客户简化付款手续. 您可放心,所有帐单付款交易均按国际公认的最高收款标准办理, processing, and storing data.

Business customers can easily remit taxes like corporate GST/HST, 通过网上银行向加拿大税务局和省级机构发放工资. 对于那些仍然喜欢去分行旅行的人,分行内部也提供同样快捷、简单的自动化服务. Either way, tax payments and supporting information are submitted electronically, for fast and efficient payments minus any paper forms.

What was once complicated is now easy.
通过复杂、流程密集的程序向国外汇款和收款的日子已经过去了. 取而代之的是用户友好的服务,通过银河076注册的在线门户很容易管理. Nothing could be simpler for you or your customers.

/ International Transfers
Learn more about International Transfers

/ FX Drafts
Learn more about Drafts

/ Currency
Whether your customers need a little or a lot, we provide a web-based service to buy and sell over 80 foreign currencies, while offering your customers convenient delivery options.
Learn more about Currency

/ Cheques
Use our flexible, secure, web-based service to clear foreign cheques.
Learn more about Foreign Cheques

/ Western Union Money Transfers via Interac e-Transfer®
Send money internationally to over 500,超过200个国家和地区的000个西联汇款网点使用Interac电子转账技术进行网上银行业务.

Working together gets us there first
Central 1 was first to fully introduce cheque imaging in Canada. 银河076注册与五大银行之间的第一次图像交换交易再次做到了这一点. 现在,电子成像意味着您客户的支票可以更快地处理和清算. No more delays due to physical deliveries or courier services. Heck. Even truck and airplane emissions are a thing of the past. That feels nice.

/ Branch Capture
职员只需在分行内以电子方式撷取支票图像,然后把图像传送至中环一,以加快处理速度. Saves time and courier costs.

/ Corporate Capture
桌面支票扫描器使商业客户可以直接从他们的办公室存入以CAD和美元计价的支票. It’s fast, secure, and a big plus for busy business owners.

/ Mobile Deposit
Deposit Anywhere™是加拿大市场上第一个移动存款解决方案,允许零售和商业客户从他们的移动设备存款支票.

Central 1’s strong partnership with Interac®意味着银河076注册的客户可以期待持续不断的支付创新,并完全融入您所选择的数字银行平台. Interac e-Transfer makes digital payments as fast, easy, and user-friendly as sending a message to a friend or business partner.

银河076注册的网络电汇服务可以让您以60多种货币在国内和国外发送和接收资金. The demand for this service is huge. We should know because we process more than 300,000 wire transfers a year.
Learn more about wires

Delivering innovative payments experiences on any digital platform

Central 1’s payments solutions are platform agnostic. 银河076注册的API战略意味着无论你使用什么数字平台,银河076注册的支付解决方案都很容易实现.

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